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Law and order ppt课件内容预览:仇恨,百家乐网址:憎恨 v.n.分类V.n.科技n.adj.鉴别v.n.接受v.n.精确n.adj.合作v.n.theorytheoreticaloffenceoffendoffensivehatehatredclassifypptclassificationtechnologytechnologicalidentifyidentificationreceivereceiveraccuracyaccuratecooperatecooperationLaw and orderPanda joss-stick virusReadingThe fight against cyber-crimeAs the Internet _____________ ,it provides people with many new ___________ .However,at the same time,it has caused a number of problems,and __________ is one of the most serious,which _________ great effort and _________ countries working together.expandedopportunitiescybercrimerequiresinvolvesRead carefully and choose the right answers.1.Which of the following is true according to the passage?A.As the Internet develops,more kinds of crimes happenB.Cybercriminals are easily caught.C.Cybercrime has nothing to do with the real life.D.Cybercrimes are mostly committed by common surfers.2.What is the present situation regarding cybercrime?A.Cybercrime is so new that the legal systems in many countries remain to be improved.B.All the countries have passed laws against cybercrimeC.It is easier to catch cybercriminals in Europe becausevisas are not required.D.All the governments are working together and cooperatively against cybercrime.true3.Which of the following should not be included in cybercrime?A.HackingB.E-mail fraudC.Creating websites with offensive contentD.Theft4.Which of the following is not one of the necessary ways to fight against the cybercrime?A.CooperationB.Legal systemC.Visa managementD.Improving online softwarenot be includednot5.Which of the following is most important compared to other ways to fight against the cybercrime?A.Sound legal systemB.International cooperationC.Tight Internet rulesD.Visa managementmostPart I (1)Part II (2)Part III (3-4)Part IV (5-6)Part IV (7-8)The ___________________ of the topic,cybercrimeThe _____________and ___________ of cyber-crime.The present_______ of the problem .The ____________for cybercrimeThe _________to this problem.solutiondefinitioncategoriessituationreasonsintroductionStructure of the passagePart II The definition and different types of cybercrimeDetailsIt is a relatively new term that refers to any computer-related criminal offence.the definition of cybercrimetypes of cybercrime1crimes related to ___________2crimes that are not__________3websites with _____________________________ or websites________________________4Those offences relating to ________________ and ____________securityspecifically computer-related
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